Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Substance Abuse: A Possible Contributing Factor to Bullying and Being a Victim of Bullies

Protecting children from bullying, drug abuse, or any kind of harm that could befall them is one of many goals of my Anti-bullying blog, as well as my Child Safety Blog.

I would like to add to my Child Safety blog and my Anti-bullying blog a guest blog post from Edgardo Valdespino, Outreach Specialist with, a free web resource that provides information about substance use disorders, eating disorders, and other mental health issues.

“Researchers have found that middle and high school students who bully their peers or are bullied by others are more likely than students who are not involved in bullying to use alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana. Our goal is to spread awareness of this and to be an informational tool to families seeking to prevent or recover from these issues. I invite you to peruse the page, Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why, as well as the page, 
Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse, from our website,” (Edgardo Valdespino)

Visit the site via the following links:

You will find more information about Teen Mental Health here:

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Bullying: Helping Kids Not to Worry and Be Happy

My children’s books are entertaining and educational for children. Each of my four books has a blog associated with the theme or subject matter of my books.

This period of time in our country can be a very scary for children and adults. Because of the increase of gun violence, racism, home-grown terrorist attacks, ICE raids that sadly separate immigrant families, devastating storms and natural disasters, daunting bullying, and all sorts of safety concerns that frighten children, it is important to call on parents  and teachers to take extra precaution to keep our young ones safe and to teach them how to be safe when they are not with their parents or other caregivers.

It is equally important that we do whatever we can to help children still be children, to try to have fun and enjoy themselves despite the fears that can tend to be overwhelming.
For this reason, I am introducing two gentlemen, Troy Harrington and Brian Thomas who have formed a small music production company called Bubba Yum Beatz. The company creates fun songs and music videos for children that will help them relax, enjoy life, and just have fun. They have also created a video that is a song for children that teaches about anti-bullying.

I am posting to all of my book-related blogs URL links to those Bubba Yum songs for your pleasure and to share with your children.

Troy Harrington and Brian Thomas of Bubble Yum Beatz   –  “Happy Dance”     –   PSA Anti-bullying song and video Bubble Yum Beatz!  (YouTube Channel)

Educate and enjoy!