Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome to my new The Bully and the Booger Baby Blog Buzz

Bullying is a silent pandemic threat. The statistics on bullying in our schools, communities, and on the Internet are alarming. About 47 teens are bullied every 5 minutes. Victims of bullying are up to 9 times more likely to consider suicide as a solution. About every 30 seconds a teen attempts suicide as a result of being bullied. Nearly one third of school shootings are related to bullying. More than 1 out of 3 students report that bullying happens in their schools. About 56 % of students have reported that they’ve experienced bullying via the Internet. Children with autism, aspergers, and other disabilities are 4 times more likely to be targets of bullying or abuse from other children.
Don’t let your child become a statistic of bullying. My new book, The Bully and the Booger Baby: A Cautionary Tale, offers help to children through a fiction story, as well as strategies and resources for children, parents and schools to help address the bullying dilemma.
The Bully and the Booger Baby: A Cautionary Tale is not only a fun and imaginative school story about a big bully, the kids he picks on, and a little boy robot who tries to lead the charge to stop the bullying problem in their school, but it is also an informational book. It includes two sections of researched and effective strategies and resources for children, parents, and teachers to help them better deal with today’s ever-increasing bullying problem.
Please read a few truncated versions of endorsements for the book:
“…This book provides practical and innovative strategies to ensure that our youth support each other in developing healthy and long-lasting relationships in and out of the classroom.”                  
            –Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo, Author and President/Founder of Teach Anti-Bullying, Inc.
“…Having been an Intenet Safety Advocate for over 8 years, I feel Melissa has covered the bullying epidemic extensively.
– Bill Latchford, Speaker/Internet Safety Advocate/Founder of Help Protect Our Children Internet safety website
“[This book]…empowers us to take action and help our children become successful, strong, and confident individuals. Everyone should have a Robby.”
 – Dr. Sue Cornbluth, National Expert in Trauma and Child Abuse/Regular contributor to and Parents Express Magazine
This book is available now in paperback on Amazon and will soon be on Amazon’s Kindle and on Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Check back soon for updated posts about solving bullying problems. This blog also welcomes guest blog posts. If you have a bullying situation to share, please contact me about a guest post to my blog through

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