Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shining Light on the Bullying Problem


Below is an excerpt from the beginning of chapter 1 of my children’s antii-bullying book, The Bully and the Booger Baby: A Cautionary Tale. The final sentence in this excerpt makes reference to waiting for the morning to come and the darkness to go away. Children being bullied, in a sense, are waiting for the morning to come and the darkness to go away. Bullying can put children in a very special place of darkness because victims of bullying, and bullies as well, need help. We need to shed light on the bullying problem and effectively address it. My book, not only tells a school story about bullying, it also has a couple of researched chapters that offer effective strategies for parents, schools, and children to address the ever-increasing bullying dilemma.
The only thing that could be seen shining brightly in the darkness of the locked closet was Robby’s glistening, twinkling glass eyes. It would be morning soon, and then the closet would be unlocked to let Robby out.
 Robby looked almost like a real little boy, except that he wasn’t a human little boy at all. Robby was a robot. He had a head, face, arms, and legs like a real little boy, but Robby was made of metal, and the inside of his body was made up of wires and computer chips. He wore jeans, a tee shirt and a baseball cap to make him look more like a real boy. And for a robot, he made a pretty cute little boy in his kind of quirky, silly, little robot way. But clothes don’t make the boy.
Unlike most real little boys, Robby didn’t have to go to school to learn. He was already programmed with more knowledge and facts than any real little boy could hope to learn in a lifetime. Sadly though, unlike a real little boy, Robby wasn’t programmed to feel any emotions. He didn’t know what fear, happiness, sadness, anger, or even embarrassment felt like. That is why he wasn’t frightened to be locked inside a darkened closet
Robby waited, still as could be, among the DVD players, the projectors, the projections screens, the cassette recorders, and the soon-to-be discarded outdated computer equipment. Securely plugged in to his charging station, he waited in silence for the morning to come and the darkness to go away.

This book can be purchased online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million. There are Kindle and Nook versions, as well as the paperback version. Here is a link to the Amazon page for The Bully and the Booger Baby: A Cautionary Tale. 

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